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In Order of Appearance

Role: Oddball
Useful Information: Normally a very quiet young man, there doesn’t seem to be much to him. Swaying with the wind is what he seems best at and he won’t try to fight the tide. But when it comes to something he strongly believes in, hesitation will be his last obstacle.
Random Fact: When he was a boy, he fell on a rake and it left three large scars on his back.
Favorite Thing: Unicycles.

Role: Girl Angry at the World
Useful Information: The fiery young woman who seems to lash out almost every second of the day, there doesn’t seem to be a calm bone in her body. Though she happens to be very rough and has a very bad temper, it will surprise most that somewhere she is a very sensitive girl with a small hope.
Random Fact: She once wished she was a ladybug.
Favorite Thing: Constellations.

Role: Lonely Stalker
Useful Information: How old is he? That’s what most people are probably wondering. He is indeed very strange, and no one seems to know what could possibly be running through his mind. But once passed the cackling creepy laughter, one might notice the softer and childlike habits of this poor deprived soul.
Random Fact: His cloak gets washed twice a week, Tuesdays and Saturdays.
Favorite Thing: Kittens.

Role: Cynically Anti-Social
Useful Information: As the younger twin, he is rather disclosed and uninterested in his brother among many other things. He is a grouch, and will remind you that whenever the chance is given. Sour and rather unpleasant to be around, there is still something oddly familiar about his person to some.
Random Fact: Builds things out of random items and junk.
Favorite Thing: His stuffed green teddy bear, given to him by his mother.

Role: Bubbly Socialite
Useful Information: This man is always very happy, for whatever reason. But there are certain few things that will greatly irritate him and cause him to completely lash out, considering he is a little obsessive compulsive at times. As the older twin, he will constantly demonstrate his superiority.
Random Fact: Likes to swim in ponds.
Favorite Thing: Dressed-up parties.

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